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Answers to all your questions about our subscription line!

When will my orders ship?



Your subscription orders will ship on a synchronized date every month, corresponding to the day of the month you started your subscription. If you started your subscription on the 20th, then it will be shipped on that day for each cycle, or the following business day if it falls on a weekend/ or holiday.



When will I be charged for my subscription?



You will be charged for your subscription on the same day every month, or bi-monthly, or quarterly depending on your subscription type. The day you are charged will be consistent with the day you originally signed up for the subscription.



Can I pause my subscription?



Yes! You can pause your subscription if you wish. This convenient offer, can be managed in your account under the “subscriptions” tab. Simply click “pause” subscription, and when you are ready to reactive it, log in and “activate it”! You will receive an email confirmation with each of these changes, to confirm your change was registered.



Can I choose my chocolate bars?



The subscription packages, are all surprise boxes. Each cycle, you will receive a surprise of different bars we choose. This is a unique and fun way to try new bars while receiving them on a cycle! All raw bar subscription options will include only raw bars, while the other bar subscriptions will include all NON-Raw bars.



Do I have to pay for shipping?



No! All subscription orders will include free complimentary shipping, shown at time of checkout! You must create a customer account on our website to order a subscription, and to also receive the free shipping.



How can I track my subscription order?



You will receive an email when each order has shipped, which will include a tracking number for you to track your order.



How do I cancel my subscription?



To cancel your subscription, visit the “subscriptions” tab in your account and choose “cancel subscription". You should then receive an email confirming that your subscription has been canceled.



How do I register a new credit card with my account?



In order to update your card, you must log in to your account and simply update your new card to assure you continue to receive your subscriptions!



More questions?!



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