Pacari Premium Organic Chocolate

Pacari Organic Andean Flavor Collection

This gift set offers a taste of the Andes in each bar of chocolate. This box includes our Cuzco Pink Salt & Nibs, Lemongrass, Andean Blueberry, and Chile organic chocolate bars. The Cuzco Pink Salt & Nibs Bar has the crunch of our cacao nibs and an exciting salty flavor. The Lemongrass bar has a subtle citrus and floral taste, combined perfectly with our dark chocolate. The Andean Blueberry bar offers a delicious fruity blueberry flavor well complimented by our organic dark chocolate. The Chile bar is made from organic cacao beans and the spicy, smoky flavor of chili & spices. Order this gift box today to feel like you are visiting the Andes! This set contains 4 bars, and each bar is 50 grams.
69 available

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