Cacao and Chocolate Tour: Join Us for Adventure in Ecuador

From the tree to the bar, learn about the extraordinary process to make world-class Pacari chocolate. Come visit us in Ecuador for a cacao and chocolate tour. 
Pacari, in partnership with the Kichwa community in Santa Rita, offers day tours to learn about the culture and natural environment that grows cacao for Pacari chocolate.
Through this experience, you'll learn the part that cacao production plays in building sustainable communities in Ecuador. Here, naturally growing cacao is a fundamental aspect of agroforestry. Pacari works closely with family farming systems in the communities that supply our cacao. 
On the day tour, you'll visit Kichwa chacras, which are small, local farms designed to make food for the locals. These farms use permaculture systems that consist of native species. You'll learn more about the area's cultural heritage and the importance of food sovereignty. 
This agritourism project takes place in Santa Rita, (Archidona), Napo province, northeast of Quito in the middle  of the Amazon.
Santa Rita is located at an elevation of 830 meters. It takes about three and a half hours to reach by private transportation and about four hours and 20 minutes to reach by bus.

Why Pacari?

Our main objective is to make the highest quality chocolate. When you try Pacari chocolate, you experience a little of what makes Ecuador such a unique and special place in the world. 
We look for superior organic ingredients. We produce our chocolate in small batches to highlight the exceptional flavor profile of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean. We use only Arriba Nacional cacao beans in our products. This is one of the native plants of Ecuador and it is also known as "fine aroma" cacao for its rich fruity flavor with floral notes.

Tour Agenda


  • Arrival at the CabaƱa del Cacao in the community of Santa Rita.
  • Welcome with refreshments of typical fruits of the area and guayusa tea.
  • Preparation of local food, together with the women of the Maito community (fish wrapped and cooked in a bijao leaf).
  • Tour of the cocoa plantation and harvest where you can learn about the process of cultivation and harvest.


  • Explanation of the post-harvest process, which includes fermentation and drying
  • Preparation of handmade chocolate. In this activity you can make your own handmade chocolate. You'll be better able to appreciate some of the most important characteristics of cacao before becoming chocolate.

Tour Includes

  • Refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Community guide in Spanish
  • Activities listed on the itinerary
  • Tasting of chocolates in the city of Quito

Tour Does Not Include

  • Transport
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Expenses not specified in the itinerary

Pacari has won over 180 awards to date. Don't miss this unique experience and learn about Ecuador and the cacao plants together with one of the communities that grows it.