Our Biodynamic Chocolate: What Is It?

Pacari's premium chocolate bars are more than just high-quality chocolate. From the start, we set out with a goal: to create the finest-quality chocolate in the world. But to do so, we had to source superior ingredients, producing only small batches to ensure that quality.
So, we decided to use the Arriba Nacional cacao. These are plants native to Ecuador; the bean is classified as "fino de aroma" and its cacao is rich and flavorful. To retain the quality and integrity of our product, we use only single-source, direct-trade-at-origin beans.

The Demeter Certification

Staying true to our original vision and producing these kosher chocolates is what led to us winning more than 180 international awards. One of the certifications we received is the Demeter certification, from the Demeter international organization headquartered in Germany.
It's not easy to meet all the high Demeter requirements. Their verification process ensures strict regulations. A biodynamic product, if selected, must exceed even government-mandated regulations.
Demeter certification is extensive and it requires a lot more knowledge and time to obtain this prestigious certification. But Pacari chocolates were the first Demeter certified biodynamic chocolate in the world, and continue to be the only one.

Why Biodynamic Chocolate?

Due to the holistic farming processes, there is a higher level of nutrients found in biodynamic cacao. Biodynamic farming is a method used in agriculture to create a balanced ecosystem. It ensures that there are proper preparations of the soil, such as using minerals and herbs in the process. This restores the earth after harvesting, rebalancing vital life forces. This enhances not only the flavors but the quality and health benefits of your food.
Because of this unique process, our raw cacao has proven health-boosting properties. When you consume it, you're supporting an ethical approach to farming and nature while taking care of your body.
It's important to us that this process is followed from beginning to end, as we work in cooperation with the farmers and their land.
To learn more about our story and products, visit our blog. Learn how we are combining quality with our love for the environment and a social responsibility to the people of Ecuador.
For dark chocolate lovers and connoisseurs who want to indulge while making healthier choices, Pacari is the premium chocolate bar. Why not try some as a gift for your loved ones today?

Healthy Chocolate: the Superfood Alternative to Candy

Almost everyone has a sweet tooth, but few appreciate the side effects of eating candy. Weight gain, fatigue and long-term health problems are the result of too much bad food. But what if there was an alternative?

In the past decade, there's been much fuss made over "superfoods" that you can actually benefit from and improve your health with. Ten years ago, WebMD listed blueberries and dark chocolate as among those foods you should add to your diet.

Indeed, chocolate, with 60 percent or higher cocoa content, is good for your health. WebMD said it best: the darker the better, because of the benefits of cocoa and because the higher the cocoa content, the less fat and sugar in the chocolate.

Ten years on, the benefits of cocoa, in particular raw cacao, has only become more widely known among proponents of health-boosting superfoods.

Pacari knows how to do it best. We source our Arriba Cacao beans from Ecuador, where we have a local shop. Our dedication to the quality and integrity of our product is why we use only single-source, direct-trade-at-origin beans.

Others agree that we have an unparalleled dedication to quality. We've won more than 180 awards for our quality. We're the only biodynamic chocolate in the world that's kosher, organic-certified, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free.

Why not try the best?

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Raw Organic Dark Chocolate: A Guilt-Free Indulgence

Even the most health-conscious eaters feel the urge to indulge from time to time. In fact, reports show that the average American consumes around 12 pounds of chocolate every year. Whether for a special occasion or just because, there's no better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than with a chocolate treat. If you, like many people, experience a sense of guilt after giving in to temptation, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover the plethora of health benefits associated with raw organic dark chocolate.

While chocolate and healthy are not typically grouped together (aside from in your dreams), the latest studies on dark chocolate have prompted quite a bit of discussion. Although no one is suggesting that you eat a pound daily, opting for dark chocolate to fulfill occasional sweet cravings is likely your healthiest option.


Antioxidants are crucial for slowing the signs of aging and are believed to be beneficial in preventing some forms of cancer. According to numerous studies, including one conducted by Italy's National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research in Rome, dark chocolate is chock-full of beneficial antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants found in this type of chocolate is surprisingly higher than superfoods such as kale. In fact, high-quality dark chocolate is known for being one of the most antioxidant-rich foods in the world.


Raw organic dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are also found in fruits, vegetables, wine and coffee. Flavonoids aid in activating detox enzymes in the body, which makes the many antioxidants beneficial. These flavonoids have also been linked to offering protection against ailments such as heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Vitamins and Minerals

Aside from basic vitamins such as A, C, D and E, raw organic dark chocolate also contains magnesium, iron, potassium and copper in high concentrations. Large portions of the U.S. population don't get enough of these vitamins and minerals. It is estimated that around 80 percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium alone. This mineral in particular is needed for 300 different chemical reactions in the body, including maintaining a steady heartbeat and building a healthy immune system.

Pleasure and Stimulation

Unlike eating vegetables or not-so-tasty health foods, eating chocolate is a satisfying experience. The pleasurable taste may contribute to the release of endorphins, which in turn gives you a euphoric and happy feeling. Along with this feeling, the theobromine found in dark chocolate acts as a stimulant. This gives you a boost of energy and can help ward off stress and even depression.

While you are certainly feeling less guilty about indulging in dark chocolate after learning about the numerous health benefits, keep in mind that quality and quantity are both important in reaping these rewards. Products like raw organic cacao nibs, or raw organic cacao powder will have more benefits than a dark chocolate candy bar. Also be sure to keep in mind that these benefits do not apply to other chocolate varieties such as white or milk chocolate. Similarly, look for varieties of dark chocolate which are made with high percentages of cacao (100% is ideal) as they contain little to no sugar. If you keep the portions small and eat dark chocolate sparingly, your body will thank you and you can forgo the guilt associated with indulging.