Organic Single Origin Collection

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Our regional bars are made with hand selected organic cacao beans from specific regions of Ecuador and Latin America. The award winning RAW 70% bar hold the perfect mix of cacao and signature sweetness. In our RAW bars, the ingredients are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavor. The Los Rios bar contains cacao from Los Rios, an area of Ecuador known for its tropical rain forests. This bar will make you feel like you are in a rain forest when you taste the strong cacao with floral notes and a hint of coffee roast. The Manabi 65% bar offers a nutty and creamy taste combined with unique cacao beans create a one of a kind bar. The Esmeraldas 60% contains cacao from the Ecuadorian region of Esmeraldas, a coastal city in Northeastern Ecuador known for producing some of the finest cacao. You will receive a taste of Andean fruits and herbs from the native cacao bean from Esmeraldas. This set contains 4 bars and each bar is 50 grams.