Organic Fruit Harvest Collection

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*Cherry bar out of stock, 2 Goldenberry bars instead* This gift set is perfect for the fruit and chocolate lovers, as this bars offer both. 100% Organic sweet fruits with our 60% dark chocolate provides a satisfying sensory experience and excellent nutritional value. The cranberry flavor chocolate bar is filled with antioxidants and nutrients. The fruity sweet flavor of cranberries is present in each bite of the chocolate bar. Adding fig to our delicious dark chocolate, gives the added taste of honey sweetness and a fresh hint of berry. This fig bar offers a refreshing taste, with the crunch of fig throughout. The goldenberry bar offers a unique tart and sweet taste, complimented with chocolate. The citrus flavor of golden berries helps to make this a unique bar, for those looking for a sweet and tarty chocolate taste. In our organic cherry bar, the flavor of cherry mixed with dark chocolate makes for an exquisite fruity chocolate bar. The sweet and juicy flavor of cherry mixes perfectly with this 60% cacao bar. This set contains 4 bar and each bar is 50 grams.