NO Hold for Pickup


Select this option to opt out of "Hold for Pickup". In other words, get the packages delivered straight to your address.


Starting June 1st, 2019, and until outside day temperatures don't start lowering below 70's, all USPS Priority Mail orders will be shipped Hold for Pick Up to your nearest USPS postal office (unless you chose otherwise at your own risk during checkout) instead of being left outside of your home where it risks the chance of melting if you are not there to receive it.

- This means your order will be ready for pickup at the local USPS postal office once your shipping shows the status of "waiting for pickup" at your local USPS office. Also, there is no need to worry about it melting on the way to the USPS office because here at Pacari we pack our chocolate with an innovative combination of insulation and gel packs to make sure your organic dark chocolate will last the whole trip with no melting!