Biodynamic Chocolate

Biodynamic Chocolate

Posted by Pacari Chocolate US on 15th Mar 2019


Pacari's premium chocolate bars are more than just high-quality chocolate. From the start, we set out with a goal: to create the finest-quality chocolate in the world. But to do so, we had to source superior ingredients, producing only small batches to ensure that quality.

So, we decided to use the Arriba Nacional cacao. These are plants native to Ecuador; the bean is classified as "fino de aroma" and its cacao is rich and flavorful. To retain the quality and integrity of our product, we use only single-source, direct-trade-at-origin beans.


Staying true to our original vision and producing these kosher chocolates is what led to us winning more than 180 international awards. One of the certifications we received is the Demeter certification, from the Demeter international organization headquartered in Germany.

It's not easy to meet all the high Demeter requirements. Their verification process ensures strict regulations. A biodynamic product, if selected, must exceed even government-mandated regulations.

Demeter certification is extensive and it requires a lot of knowledge and time to obtain this prestigious certification. But Pacari chocolates were the first Demeter certified biodynamic chocolate in the world and continue to be the only one, which sets us apart from the rest.


Due to the holistic farming processes, there is a higher level of nutrients found in biodynamic cacao. Biodynamic farming is a method used in agriculture to create a balanced ecosystem. It ensures that there are proper preparations of the soil, such as using minerals and herbs in the process. This restores the earth after harvesting, rebalancing vital life forces. This enhances not only the flavors but the quality and health benefits of your food.

Because of this unique process, our raw cacao has proven health-boosting properties. When you consume it, you're supporting an ethical approach to farming and nature while taking care of your body.

It's important to us that this process is followed from beginning to end, as we work in cooperation with the farmers and their land.

For dark chocolate lovers and connoisseurs who want to indulge while making healthier choices, Pacari is the premium chocolate bar.